Strauss: Elektra - Kuchta, Hillebrecht, Madeira, Unger, Mattiello; von Matacic. Buenos Aires, 1966


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If you like this opera, this recording will not disappoint.  It captures, in excellent sound, Gladys Kuchta at the height of her powers in the title role.  Kuchta proves herself a credible alternative to Nilsson.  Her voice is steely yet warm and at times very beautiful.  Jean Madeira is a scary Klytämnestra, yet still demonstrates that she was able to produce a lush sound when needed.  Hildegard Hillebrecht has left me cold on more than one occasion, yet here she reveals a winsome quality to her somewhat monochromatic sound that works well for the part.  As noted above, the sound is excellent!

OD 10669-2

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