Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier - Watson, Fassbaender, Popp, Ridderbusch; C. Kleiber. München, 1973


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For decades Carlos Kleiber travelled the world, captivating audiences with his now legendary interpretation of Der Rosenkavalier. More often than not he was joined by Brigitte Fassbaeder as Octavian and Lucia Popp as Sophie. The trio are reunited in this performance from Munich and Strauss’ playful yet poignant score comes to life. Brigitte Fassbaender embodies all of Octavian’s boyish earnestness and compliments Lucia Popp’s sumptuous Sophie perfectly. Claire Watson is captured at the tail-end of her career as the Marschallin and delivers a wistful yet poised performance. A little of the bloom has faded from her once sterling soprano, but she sells the part with subtle nuances. Karl Ridderbusch’s Ochs is appropriately boorish with just a hint of elegance. The sound is very good.

OD 11314-3