Strauss: Daphne - Sukis, Lindroos, Schreier; Sawallisch. Munich, 1977


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Strauss' most mystical opera is giving a thrilling performance captured in fine sound, led by one of the true masters of this repertoire, Wolfgang Sawallisch. His cast is something of a mixed bag, but there are sterling performances from two wonderful tenors. Finish heldentenor Peter Lindroos is the god Apollo, truly sounding like a young God, and Peter Schreier is his mortal rival for Daphne's love, giving an ardent though occasionally strident performance. Lilian Sukis, in the title role, is not caught on her very best day, and I prefer a more varied sound in this tricky role, but she certainly can blast through whatever heavy orchestrations Strauss throws her way. Also on hand are the cavernous contralto Ortrun Wenkel as Daphne's Mother and the sparkling high soprano Erika Koth as the first maid.

OD 11080-2

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