Rossini: Otello - Lazzari, Zeani, Bottazzo, Mori, Ventriglia; Franci. Pesaro, 1965


Listen to a Sample:


So there is no confusion this is Rossini's Otello.  Another composer you may have heard of wrote a version that enjoyed some success, but if to this point you have not been exposed to Rossini's you are in for a treat.  Do not think for one moment that this is a poor man's version of the work.  Rossini paints a much more classical portrait of the tortured moor.  The declamatory outbursts are traded for a more introspective approach.  That is not to say that there is any lack of drama.  Iago is sung by a tenor which makes their confrontations all the more exciting as it adds a level of competition not in Verdi's.   Virginia Zeani shows that she can bring her spinto voice into Rossini-land without sacrificing any of her opulent sound.  It is rare to hear a voice this big sing this kind of music.  Otello is sung by Agostino Lazzarini.  His voice has an excellent balance between heroic and graceful.  The sound is very good.

OD 10312-2