Puccini: Tosca - Rysanek, Uzunov, Berry; Verchi. Wien, 1962


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  • I was drawn to this performance for the Tosca of Leonie Rysanek, but in the end the true star of the evening turned out to be Walter Berry, whose Scarpia finds the perfect balance of elegance and barbarism.
  • This run of Toscas took place during a rough patch for Leonie Rysanek vocally (many sight her foray into Nabucco in the early 60s as the cause of these issues) and it shows. Additionally, it is apparent that there was very little rehearsal for this performance - as was the practice in Vienna - and she struggles to keep her lines straight. That said, Rysanek fans will still appreciate this performance as the unique quality that made her "Leonie" is ever-present.


  • None to mention.

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OD 11960-2

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