Berg: Wozzeck - Berry, Ludwig, Hering; Leinsdorf. Buenos Aires, 1969. BONUS: Prologue to Ariadne with Ludwig and Berry


Listen to a Sample of Wozzeck:

Listen to a Sample of Ariadne auf Naxos:


Perhaps due to the influx of Germans after WWII, Buenos Aires became an epicenter of German opera and spawned some great performances attracting world class singers. This performance of Wozzeck is no exception. It sports the dynamic husband and wife team of Walter Berry and Christa Ludwig. Walter Berry's suave voice brings an air of elegance and refinement Büchner's anti-hero, making his plight and ultimate downfall seem all the more tragic. Despite being an Octavian and Marschallin of note, Christa Ludwig demonstrates that she has no trouble getting down and dirty, striking a good balance between Marie's venality and her desire for deliverance from her wretched circumstances. Erich Leinsdorf shows a softer side to Berg's score highlighting the Viennese lilt that is prevalent throughout. Given that this opera is on the shorter side, I was able to include a performance of the Prologue of Ariadne auf Naxos featuring Christa Ludwig as the Komponist and Walter Berry as the Musiklehrer.

The Prologue from Ariadne auf Naxos
Christa Ludwig, Walter Berry, Hildegard Hillebrecht, Fritz Uhl, Renate Holm
Buenos Aires, 1964

OD 11031-2