Massenet: Werther (In Italian) - Olivero, Lazzari, Panni, Meletti; Rossi. Torino, 1963


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Although Werther will always be a vehicle for star tenor, a great mezzo (or in this case soprano) in the role of Charlotte can easily steal the show. After all, the real conflict in this opera exists within Charlotte's desire to be with Werther against her sense of duty to her husband. Magda Olivero creates a tour-de-force performance (as she often did) which does in fact walk away with the show. In all honesty, this is due in part to the lack of a Werther who could match her artistry, and although Agostino Lazzari sings admirably, it is not at the same level as Olivero who is magnetic. The sound is very good.

Magda Olivero sings arias from Medea, Jenufa, La Fanciulla del west and Madama Butterfly.

OD 10993-2

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