Massenet: Manon - Zeani, Oncina, Borriello, Ventriglia; Rabalo. Napoli, 1964


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Listening to Virginia Zeani, it is easy to forget that she wasn't Italian.  Her Italian diction is so idiomatic and her innate sense of style was unsurpassed by many of her bona fide Italian colleagues.  Zeani's voice is on the full side for Manon by she is still able to convey a twenty year old girl very well.  What comes through in particular from her portrayal is the character's inner sensuality which she brings out with great subtlety so as not to make Manon seem vulgar or trampy.  Juan Oncina is well matched to Zeani as Des Grieux bringing both elegance and passion to the role.  The sound is good although there is brief static in Act II.

OD 10612-2

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