Mascagni: L'Amico Fritz - Bonisolli, Galli, Arista, Boyer. Rome, 9/14/66


Listen to a Sample:


Franco Bonisolli was a puzzling artist. His earlier recordings, like this L’Amico Fritz, represent some of the best tenor singing, in my opinion. Mellifluous tone coupled with reserves of power and amazing breath control. When other tenors shied away from roles because of daunting tessitura he accepted the challenge fearlessly. As he moved on in his career he became known for affectations and gratuitous interpolations of high notes. But let’s concentrate on the good years. As Fritz he sings sweetly and sincerely. He is joined by Gianna Galli who luxuriates in Mascagni’s vocal line. All in all this performance exemplifies Italian style. The sound is good although a tad muffled.

OD 10230-2