Leoncavallo: Edipo Re (In German) - Beresford, Honnemann, Maijkut, Korinther, Shutz; Strobl. Linzer, 1960


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It is mysterious why some operas take off and others do not.  This opera was Leoncavallo's last, produced posthumously, and was written for the great Tito Ruffo.  Given the players one would think that all the pieces would be in place for a triumph and only a misstep on Leoncavallo's part would cast it into obscurity.  But Leoncavallo shows himself at the height of his compositional powers and the music shows a combination of his melodic instincts from his younger days as well as a more advanced understanding of harmonies and orchestral colors.  One can only hope that some great baritone will champion it one day and inspire new interest.  This performance serves as a good advocate for the work's merits.  All of the singers are excellent and Frank Strobl conducts a fleet performance.  The sound is excellent

Giorgio Lormi sings "Ah! Tu non vedi con quanta strage inesorabile" from Edip Re.
Roma, 1972

OD 10574-1

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