Donizetti: Requiem - Gencer, Pecile, Moretti, Cassis, Ferrin; Gavazzeni. Milano, 1971


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Throughout the history of music few tasks have inspired composers to greater heights than the Requiem, particularly opera composers like Verdi, Mozart and Berlioz to name a few.  Perhaps it is due to the stiff competition that the Donizetti Requiem has not enjoyed the same kind of notoriety as some of the others.  It is certainly not due to lack of inspiration.  It was written for Bellini who died tragically at 33 and conveys what must have been the genuine sadness his colleague felt.  And there can be no doubt that Verdi was inspired by Donizetti for his setting of the Requiem which is quite evident listening to the Dies Irae by the use of the timpani which Verdi would mimic with the bass drum.  The chorus is very good and is joined by soloists including the great Leyla Gencer.  The sound is good.

OD 10475-1

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