Susa: Transformations - Brandt, Vincent, Hardy, Sutton, Marshall; Brunelle. 1974


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Conrad Susa's wonderfully imaginative opera is unlike any I have ever heard. Comprised of ten scenes set to text by Anne Sexton based on Grimm's fairy tales, this opera probes into the rich and oftentimes dark subtext of these stories while still maintaining their integrity. Neither Susa nor Sexton shy away from the venal. For example, in the story of Rapunzel Sexton becomes the witch who is a lesbian in love with Rapunzel. Susa uses a wide range of styles from the Andrew's sisters to Lena Horne, giving each story a unique flavor. The cast of mostly unknown singers plays off each other brilliantly giving this performance an improvisational quality to it. I highly recommend this witty and raw music drama. The sound is excellent.

OD 10745-2