Concert: Caballé, Corelli, Giaiotti - Featuring excerpts from Andrea Chénier, Lucrezia Borgia and more.


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This recording features the absolute best version of "Vicino a te" from Andrea Chénier I have ever heard.  Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.  I remember when I first heard this recording when I was 15 (brought to us courtesy of Ed Rosen) and it marked the moment for me when I said to myself "maybe there is something to the generation of singers from the 60s."  The fact that there was even one singer of this caliber on stage seems astonishing, but to have two???  Franco Corelli's voice was such a force of nature it is almost impossible to compare him to any other tenor.  Montserrat Caballé's voice was in pristine in 1968 and miraculously juggles the vocal demands of Rossini and Donizetti with those of Giordano and Puccini.  I hate to short change Bonaldo Giaotti who lends his burnished bass to the proceedings but it is clear to whom the evening belongs.

OD 10476-1

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