Cherubini: Medea - Galvany, Townsend, Ramey, Hocher, Bible; Morelli. 1974


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I am so grateful that this recording came my way as I had forgotten how wonderful this opera is! Medea truly straddles the classical and the romantic periods and embodies all of the best characteristics of the two styles. However, to pull this opera off you need a dynamic soprano with the vocal control to sing Donna Anna and the dramatic temperament to set the stage aflame in roles like Ortrud. Marissa Galvany had just that. Her voice possessed almost endless range. She could sing low and high, delicate and dramatic with equal aptitude. She commands this role from her first entrance and is electrifying the whole evening. Erik Townsand is a little FLACcid sounding as Giasone. Frances Bible is superb as Neris and delivers a spellbinding rendition of her aria. A young Samuel Ramey sounds like a million bucks as Creonte. The sound is good.

OD 10807-2

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