Boito: Mefistofele - Ramey, Meier, Mauro, Evans; Rudel. 1977


Listen to a Sample:


This is a truly wonderful glimpse of the early careers of two great American singers.  Samuel Ramey would go on to own all of the great bass roles especially Mefistofele.  Here in the late 70s his voice is youthful and virile and he gives an athletic performance as the devil.  Johanna Meier's career may not have reached the heights that Ramey's did, but she demonstrates that she was a soprano to be reckoned with.  Her top notes are gleaming and the voice is quite large without coming across as lumbering or hard-edged.  Ermanno Mauro, the one non-American, has an attractive voice and demonstrates Boïto's roots in bel canto, particularly during his arias which are rendered with beauty and taste.  The sound is very good.

OD 10693-2