Strauss: Elektra - Nilsson, Rysanek, Resnik, Windgassen, Waechter, Janowitz; Böhm. Vienna, 1965


Listen to a Sample:


This recording represents probably the most famous cast of Elektra in the history of the opera.  It was this crew that sang it for the first time at the new Met and they would have recorded it together except there was a contractual problem that forced the substitution of Leonie Rysanek with Marie Collier.   There are few performances I have heard in which Birgit Nilsson gives as much as she does here.   Leonie Rysanek portrays Chrysothemis as a frustrated woman desperate to break away from her sisters obsession.  Regina Resnik is over the top as Klytmanestra Truly legendary!

OD 10076-2