Verdi: Aida - Tebaldi, Stignani, Penno, Savarese, Neri; Serafin. Napoli, 1953


Listen to a Sample:


I (like many of you) love Renata Tebaldi.  That said it is fair to say that Aida was never her best role.  Even on the Karajan recording she has trouble maintaining the pitch.  However, this recording is the best performance of her in this role that I have heard yet.  In 1953 the voice was incredibly ethereal and lush.  And in "O patria mia" she manages a very good C which she holds!  The rest of the cast is truly amazing.  Ebe Stignani is a powerful Amneris, Gino Penno is Radames and Ugo Saverese sings Amonasro.  Tullio Serafin offers a lesson in how a conductor should support singers.  The whole orchestra seems to breathe with the them.  The sound is not the best.  Every now and then the pitch will sag slightly although for the most part it stays in key.

OD 10386-2