Handel: Giulio Cesare - Tourangeau, Sutherland, Boese, Popp, Grundheber, Krause, Blackenburg; Bonynge. Hamburg, 1969


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To modern audiences this performance might seem a little dated in the sense that missing are the performance practices and instruments of Handel's time that are now de rigeur.  However, it is fair to say that this work owes a lot to the efforts of Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge who revived it.  To my ear the fact that it lacks the practices today is a plus as the music seems to have a wonderful spontaneity to it.  Joan Sutherland is dazzling as Cleopatra.   Huguette Tourangeau and Lucia Popp lend their talents as well to make this an all over great operatic experience.  The sound is very good.  Please note that there is a substantial chunk missing from this recordings.

OD 10123-2

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