Wagner: Das Rheingold - Janssen, Cavelti, Svanholm, List, Danton; E. Kleiber. Buenos Aires, 1947


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Erich Kleiber in recent years has become overshadowed to a great deal by his son Carlos who had the unfair advantage of coming of age during the height of the recording business and leaving far more documents. In this performance, the Elder Kleiber shows, to a great extent, that the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree favoring brisker tempo. It is a pity that he didn't have a better orchestra at his disposal as the orchestra at the Colón makes many blunders throughout the evening. It also seems, to my ear at least, to be missing the Wagner tuben and bass trumpet which really add a lot to the overall color of the Ring. Herbert Janssen's baritonal Wotan is at ease throughout the evening. The sound is fair to good. Previous versions of this performance were pitched almost a half-step high. I have fixed this flaw.

OD 10851-2

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