Gluck: Iphegenie auf Tauris - Jurinac, Wunderlich, Prey, Engen, Fahlberg; Kubelik. München, 1965


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One of the regrettable consequences of the period performance revolution is that opera companies began to skew towards lighter voices for early operas. This performance, featuring the great Sena Jurinac, may lack the refinement and grace that some of the early music experts bring to their interpretation,s but it more than makes up for it in the dramatic and tragic pathos that the singers bring to the plate. Jurinac is excellent as Iphegenie. Jurinac creates a truly three dimensional character out of a somewhat cardboard archetype as well as a vivid impression of a young girl whose emotional maturity was well beyond her years. Fritz Wunderlich delivers a sweet-voice Pylades and Hermann Prey brings youth and stoicism to the role of Orest. The sound is very good.

OD 10950-2