Massenet: Hérodiade - Crespin, Gorr, Chauvet, Massard, Patterson, Cathcart; Lombard. 1963


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  • Massenet's rarely performed opera, Hérodiade, gets the star-treatment in this performance and it pays off.
  • As Salomé, Régine Crespin's silvery soprano soars over the orchestra effortlessly, and then scales back for some exquisitely delicate singing.
  • Massenet's character of Hérodiade is miles away from Richard Strauss's Herodias, and Rita Gorr helps to bring out the character's humanity with her luscious mezzo.
  • Guy Chauvet shows why he was one of the finest French tenors in generations. His voice is stentorian yet elegant, and his French style is impeccable without coming across as overly precious.


  • None to mention.

In Mono

Régine Crespin sings arias from Iphigénie en Tauride
Buenos Aires, 1964

OD 12048-2