Wagner: Siegfried - Cox, Nilsson, Adam, Zednik, Kélémen, Sotin; Stein. Wien, 1976


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  • Jean Cox is a sweet-voiced (if somewhat wooden) Siegfried.
  • In many ways the highlight of the evening is Heinz Zednik as Mime. Zednik manages to lean into the comedy without distorting the role into characature. Part of you feels bad for the guy when Siegfried finally does him in in Act II.
  • For a woman nearing 60, Birgit Nilsson does remarkably well with the Siegfried Brünnhilde (a big ask for any soprano in their prime.) The high Cs are there, if rendered with a bit more effort, but that fact is more than made up for by the warmth in her voice that wasn't as present when she was in her prime.


  • None to mention.

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