Strauss: Salome - Rysanek, Beirer, Wächter, Hoffman, Kmentt; Klobucar. Wien, 1973


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  • Leonie Rysanek dominates this otherwise star-studded performance of Salome, treating the listener to an astonishing array of musical and dramatic dynamics, colors and shadings.
  • The rest of the cast, although slightly overshadowed by Rysanek, is nonetheless brilliant, particularly the striking Jochanaan of Eberhard Wächter and the wiry, yet intimidating Herod of Hans Beirer.
  • Waldemar Kmentt makes an impressive cameo as Narraboth.


  • The sound lacks clarity. You lose the detail in the orchestra but the quality of the voices still comes through quite well.

In Mono

OD 11846-2