Wagner: Das Rheingold - Adam, G, Hofmann, P. Hoffman, Bode, Kélémen, Ridderbusch; Stein. Wien, 1976


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  • By 1976, Theo Adam had owned the role of Wotan for well over a decade. That experience is manifested in his totally commitment to the text.
  • Perhaps the most interesting feature of this performance is Peter Hofmann's Loge. Unburdened by the vocal demands of Wagner's heavier tenor parts, Hofmann has a chance to display the lovely lyrical nature of his tenor. It is a shame he wasn't able to carry that youthful sheen into the 1980s when his career began to really take off.


  • None to mention.

In Mono

This performance replaces OD 10185-2. It has been repitched and retracked.

OD 11968-2