Compilation: Nicolai Ghiaurov - Excerpts from Mefistofele, Don Carlo, Attila, Boris Godunov, Nabucco and more


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Having had the misfortune to be born after all of the performances in my catalog were recorded, I am left to guess at what singers like Nilsson, Tebaldi and Corelli sounded like live. I was, however, fortunate enough to hear the great Nicolai Ghiaurov on more than one occasion. Although it was late in his career and the quality of the voice was not what it had been in his younger years, I can honestly say that I have never heard a bass voice more booming. It was almost super-human. This compilation features the great Bulgarian bass at his absolute best when he could melt your heart with his suave stage demeanor whether he was playing an aging king or the devil himself.

Featuring arias and excerpts from Mefistofele, Boris Godunov, Nabucco, Macbeth, Attila, Simon Boccanegra and Don Carlo.

OD 11403-1