Boito: Mefistofele - Bergonzi, Tebaldi, Ghiaurov; Gardelli. 1966


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  • I defy anyone to name a better live performance of Mefistofele.
  • Renata Tebaldi is perfection as Margarita/Elena. The placement of the mics in the hall offers a unique glimpse of the shear size of her voice in a way that one can't really appreciate from her studio recordings.
  • In the title role, Carlo Bergonzi is elegance personified.
  • Nicolai Ghiaurov's thunderous bass exudes charm and menace as Mefistofele.


  • This performance includes a number of cuts including almost all Act II and the entirety of the Walpurgis scene.

In Mono

OD 11742-2