Donizetti: Anna Bolena - Cruz-Romo, Flagello, Tagliavini; Rescigno. 1968


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Gilda Cruz-Romo is the highlight of this hot-blooded performance of Anna Bolena from 1968. Floating effortlessly through one of Donizetti’s most dazzling showcases, her etherial soprano is captured at its considerable best. Mirella Parutto, as Giovanna Seymour, has a lovely voice, though it is a little lacking in contrast to Cruz-Romo’s instrument. She particularly shines in her confrontations with Ezio Flagello’s thunderous Enrico. Franco Tagliavini’s reedy tenor and Nicola Zaccaria’s supple bass make strong cases for Percy and Rochefort, the men who accidentally doom Anna to her fate, and Nancy Williams is a charming Smeton. The sound is quite good, if occasionally rather distant.

OD 11293-2