Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier - Jones, Fassbaender, Popp, Ridderbusch; C. Kleiber. München, 1972


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  • In 1979, Carlos Kleiber would reassemble this cast in Vienna and create a now legendary video. This performance finds the trio of ladies in slightly fresher voice, which gives the entire performance a youthful energy that wasn't as present in the video.
  • Gwyneth Jones is mesmerizing as the Marschallin. She manages to convey all of the nuances of the the text with care, and there are moments of incredible music-making between her and Kleiber that are nothing short of perfection.
  • Brigitte Fassbaender was Kleiber's Octavian of choice for decades and you can hear why. Like Jones, she approaches the lyrics with a conversational quality without sacrificing the opulence of her voice.
  • Lucia Popp is weaves magic into Sophie's soaring lines.
  • The only complaint you could make about Karl Ridderbusch's Ochs is that the natural timbre of his voice is too elegant for this boorish Baron.


  • None to mention.

OD 11974-3

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