Janacek: Jenufa - Jurinac, Mödl, Kmennt, Cox, Hoengen, Popp, Konetzni; Kromholc. Wien, 1964


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In performances of Jenufa before the 1980s it was difficult to find one in the original language.  Now it is almost always done in Czech.  That may be in part to Sir Charles Mackerras who championed the work both in its original language and with the original Janacek score.  Here the performance is in German and features the great Sena Jurinac in the title role.  Please listen to the sample provided below of her singing Jenufa's prayer in Act II.  It is stunning.  Martha Mödl plays the role of Kostelnicka with great commitment.  Her voice was rather weathered at this point and she has to make musical adjustments to avoid some of the high notes.  The sound is good.

OD 10150-2

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