Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer - Sarabia, Meier, Malas, Siena, Curry; Rudel. 1976


Listen to a Sample:


There are certain singers who recording output was so meager than whenever I come across a recording featuring them I lunge at it. Johanna Meier is one such singer and I have to admit the more I hear from her the more I am astonished that she wasn't regarded as the reigning dramatic soprano of her time (which, in my opinion, she was.) Her outburst during the final moments of the opera is all you have to hear to understand how remarkable her talent was (I have provided a clip below.) For me the great surprise of the evening is the Dutchman of Guillermo Sarabia. The stoic elegance of Sarabia's voice makes him ideal in this role and his nuanced sense for German make for some great moments particularly in the Act II duet with Senta. Sprio Malas delivers a bumbling yet doting Daland. The sound is good.

OD 10854-2