Ginastera: Don Rodrigo - Domingo, Crader, Creed, Malas; Rudel. 1967


Listen to a Sample:


It seems odd that Placido Domingo's break-out role would come in the form of a 20th century expressionist opera, and not in the lyrical Italianate repertoire for which he would become so celebrated. It only speaks to his superb artistry that he was able to make such an impression on an opera that offers much in the way of dramatic singing in extremes of vocal range but very little along the lines of melody. Domingo sounds as virile as ever and brings the same intensity that he would later bring to Otello. Ginastera's music seems to owe a lot to the nightmarish musicscape that Berg created in Wozzeck, especially the many fine Verwandlungen (or whatever the Spanish equivalent might be.) The sound is good and I have included as a bonus some rare excerpts featuring Domingo.

Placido Domingo sings rarities from his repertoire.

OD 10739-2