Verdi: Rigoletto - Protti, Tucci, Poggi, Washington; Basile. Tokyo, 1961


Listen to a Sample:


The draw of this performance for me is the Gilda of Gabriella Tucci.  How many singers were able to successfully alternate between Aida and Gilda?  Obviously, given the nature of her spinto voice, she is quite formidable in the storm scene.   More surprising to me was the sensitivity and control over her voice she demonstrates in "Caro nome," complete with high e flat!  I was also surprised by Aldo Protti's Rigoletto.  Since his voice is so smooth and mellifluous I assumed that he would not be able to convey the grotesque qualities of the title part.  To my pleasant surprise that was not the case at all, and I soon forgot how beautiful his voice is (perhaps an easier feat than the reverse).  Gianni Poggi may be the one weak link in this recording.  His tubby voice lacks the sensuality and confidence of the duke.  The sound is good.

OD 10443-2