Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen - Nilsson, Hopf, Hines, Uhde, Windgassen, Frick, Töpper, Bjoner; Kempe. Bayreuth, 1960


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  • This is the first time that the 1960 Bayreuth Ring Cycle is available as it was intended with Birgit Nilsson singing all three Brünnhildes (previous versions had used a performance of Die Walküre from later in the run featuring Astrid Varnay.)
  • Nilsson is at her absolute peak and exceeds the already high bar she had set in this role.
  • Hans Hopf's burly Siegfried has both power and boyish charm.
  • Jerome Hines delivers a heartbreaking Walküre Wotan (it is a shame that he didn't sing the other two as Hermann Uhde is not as distinguished.).
  • Wolfgang Windgassen's Siegmund gives the tenor a chance to show off his impressive lyricism.
  • Gottlob Frick's Hunding and Hagen are near definitive in my opinion.
  • Gerhard Stolze captivates with his wiry Loge.
  • Otakar Kraus brings searing intensity to the role of Alberich, giving the character a malevolence that seems truly dangerous.
  • The rest of the cast includes some impressive cameos including Ingrid Bjoner's Freia, Helmwige and Gutrune and Thomas Stewart's Donner and Gunther.
  • The sound is excellent.


  • None to mention.

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OD 11655-13

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