Wagner: Parsifal - Hofmann, Rysanek (role debut), Talvela, Adam, Mazura; Stein. Hamburg, 1976


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  • On the occasion of Leonie Rysaenk's first Kundry, the Hamburg State Opera spared no expense, assembling a dream cast to support her inaugural run.
  • Rysanek's Kundry is wild, tortured, sensual, pitiful and always delivered with her signature intensity and commitment.
  • Peter Hofmann's legacy suffered a bit from recordings that were made past his prime. This Parsifal is a testament to the unique lyricism of his early days.
  • Martti Talvela's warm, yet imposing bass finds a good fit in the role of Gurnemanz.
  • Theo Adam brings tortured eloquance to the role of Amfortas.
  • Franz Mazura's Klingsor is nothing short of terrifying.


  • I would say that the sound is only fair.

In Mono

OD 11668-4

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