Wagner: Parsifal - Calio, Schröder-Feinen, Adam, Crass, Moll, Nienstedt; Sawallisch. Roma, 1970


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I was initially attracted to this recording of Parsifal for the Kundry of Ursula Schröder-Feinen, an artist that I discovered rather late in my opera game and feel robbed because of it. Her soprano was lean but voluptuous and her Kundry is sultry and mysterious.  Timo Calio sings Parsifal with masculine burnished tones.  He is quite ideal if slightly wooden.  Franz Crass' voice is creamy and luscious as Gurnemanz and his character conveys great warmth.  Theo Adam is Amfortas and Kurt Moll is a luxury in the short part of Titurel.  Wolfgang Sawallisch leads a suprisingly brisk performance which makes it on to 3 CDs, a true rarity for a recording of Parsifal (the only other I can think of is the Boulez.)  "Ich sah das Kind" in particular has a drive to it that I have never heard before, making the climaxes all the more ecstatic.  The sound is superb.

OD 10479-3

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