A New Ring Cycle!

Bayreuth, 1970

We are kickstarting this Wagner party with a brand new Ring Cycle!

My formative Ring Cycle growing up was the 1967 Phillips set from Bayreuth with Nilsson, Windgassen, Rysanek and Böhm. In my young mind it became the apex of Wagner singing and seemed like an unsurmountable achievement. However, after listening to the 1970 Horst Stein Ring, I am starting to think that my favorite Ring Cycle has finally met its match (as blasphemous as that might sound.)

This cycle features Berit Lindholm in the only time she sang all three Brünnhildes at Bayreuth as well as Jean Cox as Siegfried, Thomas Stewart as all three Wotans, Gwyneth Jones as Sieglinde, Helge Brilioth as Siegmund and Karl Ridderbusch as Fasolt and Hagen. The music direction is in the expert hands of Horst Stein.

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Ring - Bayreuth, 1970

February 18, 2014 by Andrew Whitfield
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