Wagner: Tristan und Isolde - Nilsson, Thomas, Dalis, Tozzi, Roar; Suitner. Caracas, 1965


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  • On the occasion of this performance, Caracas was treeted to a performance of Tristan that is the definition of all-star.
  • Birgit Nilsson is a force of nature as Isolde and demonstrates why she owned this part for decades.
  • Jess Thomas, in one of his earlier outings as Tristan, delivers both power and his signature lyricism.
  • Irene Dalis embodies passionate devotion as Brangäne.
  • Leif Roar, a singer woefully underrated in his day, is a virile Kurwenal.
  • Despite the glittering cast, this recording might be worth it just for Giorgio Tozzi's exquisitely sung and deeply moving King Marke.
  • The Orquesta Sinfonica de Venezuela does remarkably well with a score that the Vienna Philharmonic rejected as unplayable before its premiere.


  • This recording contains the usual cuts that were common in the 60s.

In Mono

OD 11604-3