Wagner: Tannhäuser - (Act II is abridged) - Cassilly, Behrens, Randová, Holloway, Smith; Schneider. Düsseldorf, 1977


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  • Richard Cassilly's contribution to the world of Wagner, particularly in the role of Tannhäuser, has never been fully appreciated due in part to the fact that the video he made of this role was slightly too late in his career (a fact that he acknowledged openly.) This performance from 1977 finds him in much fresher voice and is an excellent testament to his remarkable vocal achievements.
  • Hildegard Behrens brings a youthful sheen to the part of Elisabeth.
  • Eva Randová is a fiery Venus.


  • Although the sound is pretty good in general, large portions of Act II are missing including "Dich teure Halle."

In Mono

OD 11615-3