Wagner: Tannhäuser - Caballé, Parly, Cruz-Romo, Wildermann, Grimm; Karp. Mexico City, 1965


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I don't think that there was ever a soprano as versatile as Montserrat Caballé.  Was there a soprano role that she didn't sing?  Isolde, Sieglinde, Luisa Miller, Mimi, Rosina…  The list is too long.  Here she sings Elisabeth.  Had she wanted she certainly could have directed her career towards the Wagnerian rep as her voice displays amazing security in both the lyric and dramatic passages.  Gilda Cruz-Romo, here in the early stages of her career sings Venus.  Although not a mezzo her voice is lush and sexy and works well in this part aided by the fact that this performance uses the Dresden version of the opera in which Venus' tessitura is slightly higher.  Ticho Parly is very good as Tannhaüser.  His voice is burnished and tireless in the Act I finale.  The sound is decent.

OD 10417-3

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