Wagner: Siegfried - Brilioth, Lindholm, Tyrén, Lundborg, Hallin; Varviso. Stockholm, 1969


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This exemplary recording of Siegfried is a remarkable testament to the homegrown Wagnerian talent in Sweden during the 1960s. While Birgit Nilsson was traveling around the world, Swedish Wagnerites were in good hands with Berit Lindholm, Helge Brilioth and Arne Tyrén at their disposal. In the title role, Brilioth brings a tenor that is the perfect mix of youth and brawn and paces himself intelligently throughout the evening. Arne Tyrén’s virile baritone helps to suggest that although world-weary, the Wanderer is far from past his prime. Margareta Hallin deserves an ackowledgement for her contributions as a Waldvogel who sounds anything but birdy. Silvio Varviso’s varied tempos keep the evening moving and there is some very good playing from orchestra of the Royal Opera Stockholm. The sound is very good although the first 20 minutes are marred by static.

OD 11278-3

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