Wagner: Siegfried - Cox, Jones, McIntyre, Zednik, Neidlinger, Höffgen; Stein. Bayreuth, 1975


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I think that it is fair to say that very few tenors have hit all the marks with Siegfried.  If they excel in the lyrical moments it often comes at the expense of the more dramatic moments and vice versa.   That said, Jean Cox proves that he is almost ideal, bringing both sensitivity and power to the role.  The attractive quality of his voice never seems to buckle under the pressure of the orchestra, although at times the vibrato can get a little unfocused and the characterization can be a little generic.  But even if he is not a great Siegfried a very good Siegfried is certainly a rare bird.  Donald McIntyre seems most comfortable as the Wanderer and brings an avuncular warmth.  Heinz Zednik's wiry Mime finds a great balance between comic and grotesque and at times even comes across as likable.  Gwyneth Jones is radiant in her brief but athletic appearance in the final scene.  The sound is very good.


OD 10802-3

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