Wagner: Parsifal - King, Jones, Crass, Stewart, McIntyre, Ridderbusch; Boulez. Bayreuth, 1970


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  • This performance is an interesting companion to the DG studio release. It was the broadcast of the 1970 season, whereas the studio release was a composite of all the performances that season.
  • You could not hope to find a more ideal Parsifal than James King, who brings stentorian heft as well as burnished lyricism to the role.
  • Franz Crass' smooth bass brings fatherly warmth to Gurnemanz' music.
  • Pierre Boulez' swift reading of the score might not be to everyone's taste, but what you lose in Wagnerian expansiveness you make for in a lighter approach that seems to favor the singers.


  • None to mention.

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OD 11762-4

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