Wagner: Parsifal - King, Martin, Mazura, Fischer-Dieskau; Arnold-Paur. München, 1975


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  • Although the cast is excellent all around, the interest of this performance lies in Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau's Amfortas, a role he excelled at but sang rarely. He does an admirable job managing the Wagnerian demands, and is particularly effective during his opening lines where he spins a legato line that would be the envy of even the greatest Italian baritones.
  • James King is iconic in the title role.
  • Franz Mazura brings a human touch to the role of Gurnemanz.


  • A substantial chunk of Act I is missing from just after Amfortas' first entrance until after the transformation music.
  • In addition to that omission, it is clear that another performance was spliced in for the final moments of Act II. (To my ear the Parsifal sounds like Jean Cox.)

OD 11980-3