Wagner: Parsifal - Hofmann, Randova, Sotin, Weikl, Mazura, Ridderbusch; Stein. Bayreuth, 1976


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For those of you who have come to remember Peter Hofmann as a tenor whose voice never quite lived up to his physical appearance, you should give this early performance of Parsifal a try. Hofmann's voice has the same kind of burly lyricism as a young Jess Thomas. Sadly, like Thomas, that youthful sheen began to wear off as he started making recordings, leaving a legacy that is not entirely fair to his actual talents. Eva Randová is one of the wilder Kundrys I have heard and although it is exciting singing, I found myself wishing that she would occasionally paint with smaller strokes. Hans Sotin's mellifluous bass gives his Gurnemanz a youthful quality and the same can be said for Bernd Weikl's Amfortas. The sound is very good although there are a few brief drop-outs.

OD 10923-4

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