Wagner: Parsifal - King, Dvorakova, Crass, Stewart, Ridderbusch, Nienstedt; Stein. Bayreuth, 1969


Listen to a Sample:


James King is perfect in this role.  His voice is incredibly virile and he could control it very well during some of the more lyrical passages in Act III.  But you probably all know that by now.  You may not yet know about the great but under-rated Ludmila Dvorakova.   She has a typically Slavic sound, warm in the middle and lower registers and absolutely thrilling in the upper registers.   She was also a very handsome woman and must have cut a dashing figure as Kundry.  Horst Stein brings wonderful breadth to the score.  The sound is good although there is a rough patch during Amfortas' Act I monologue.

OD 10191-4