Wagner: Lohengrin - Thomas, Bjoner, Dvorakova, Nöcker, Frick, Metternich; Keilberth. München, 1964


Listen to a Sample:


The Bayerische Staatsoper spared no expense for this performance of Lohengrin assembling an all-star cast .  Leading the cast is Jess Thomas.  In 1964 his voice still possessed amazing purity of tone.  "In fernem Land" is sung with a transparant delicacy which I have never heard before.  Ingrid Bjoner is ethereal as Elsa.  What is remarkable about this voice is that it had reserves of power which she uses with restraint.  Ludmila Dvorakova's zwischenfach soprano is perfect as Ortrud.  The sound is excellent.

OD 10380-3