Wagner: Lohengrin - Kollo, Bode, Dvorakova, McIntyre, Crass, Wixell; Varviso, Bayreuth, 1971


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Another document from the golden years of Bayreuth.  Here René Kollo takes on the title character.  You will hard-pressed to find a purer voiced Lohengrin.  That purity sadly did not last very long.   Hannelore Bode, fresh from having cornered the market on Meistersinger recordings, shows that she has more to offer than Eva Pogner.  Her voice is  steely and her youthful voice is well paired with Kollo's.  The real attraction for me, however, was the Ortrud of Ludmila Dvorakova.  Her voice definitely has a Slavic quality but it is never throaty or forced.   And in terms of volume, it sounds as if she could have given the orchestra a run for its money.  Listen to the sample to hear what I mean.  The sound is good.

OD 10267-3

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