Wagner: Lohengrin - Fehenberger, Hupper, Braun, Frantz, von Rohr; Jochum. München, 1952


Listen to a Sample:


If no big names jump out at you, do not let that mislead you into thinking that these were B-level singers. On the contrary, this is one of the most lyrically sung Lohengrins I have ever come across. All of the leads sound as if they would be equally at home in Mozart. Lorenz Fehenberger's sweet voice brings to mind Sandor Konya. Even Helena Braun, although exciting, does not go completely over the top as Ortrud, thereby giving the character some much needed credibility and even a little finesse. Eugen Jochum leads a magisterial performance. The sound is generally good although there is some scratchiness at times left over from the transfer from LP.

OD 10782-3