Wagner: Götterdämmerung - Lindholm, Brilioth, Rundgren, Asker, Ericson, Saedén; Kempe. Stockholm, 1975


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The perennial absence of tenors out there who can muster up the stamina and vocal heft to sing the formidable title role of Siegfried has meant that many allowances have had to be made over the years. Usually the first sacrifice is any kind of vocal beauty. That is why this performance, featuring Helge Brilioth, is such a revelation. Brilioth paces his way through the role quite wisely saving his voice for the most dramatic singing. However, it is in the lyrical passages that he really shines, singing with delicacy and nuance that are rarely the hallmarks of this role. Ragnar Ulfung’s feisty Mime deserves billing next to Brilioth. Ulfung throws himself into the role and brings a menace to the part that suggests Mime could be more of a threat to Siegfried than previously thought. Jerker Arvidson brings a youthful yet slightly wooden quality to the Wanderer. Berit Lindholm’s brief yet athletic turn as Brünnhilde is glorious. The sound is very good but it is worth nothing that the beginning portion of Act III, scene ii before Brünnhilde’s awakening is unfortunately missing.

OD 10972-4