Wagner: Götterdämmerung (In English) - Evans, Lawton, Tranter, Mora, Harries, Payne; Armstrong. Cardiff


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  • Anne Evans is the revelation in this performance of Götterdämmerung sung in English. Her steely, yet warm voice slices through the orchestra with ease without ever sacrificing the clarity of the text or the purity of her tone.
  • Jeffrey Lawton is a secure, if slightly wooden, Siegfried.
  • Barry Mora's bass might be a shade or two too light for the role of Hagen, but he brings a youthful quality that is quite appealing.
  • Richard Armstrong proves himself a master of Wagnerian style and orchestral phrasing. The final moments of the immolation are particularly inspired.


  • None to mention.

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OD 11895-4

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